The Bowling Incident – September, 2010

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

It was a horribly boring day, but that wasn’t really a surprise. Well, I mean it was the recess week the week before the “first” ever midterms of our life and such a day is never “interesting” to say the least. And on this very same day, a bogged down spirit was making its way across the vast expanse of Prince George’s Park Residences muttering “I am screwed” over and over again. Again, no prizes for guessing this one – this wretched creature had made the long famous mistake of trying to pursue “Computer Science” and was supposed to be taking the “Discrete Structures” paper the day after.

I know I should have disclosed this in the climax (if there is any) but I am not much of a story teller and so let me make it clear that the spirit mentioned in the aforesaid paragraph refers to me, my humble self. Actually, I was only supposed to be tested on 6 chapters and considering a week’s time, preparing for the test is by no means a Herculean task. But, as it is with most students (I conveniently assume), I had spent the last 5 and a half days “utilising” my time on Facebook and appreciating good cinema (critically reviewed an average of 5 movies per day.

So, while I was going to my 2nd floor room of Block 17, I was intercepted midway by 2 creatures. One, the tall one named “Shairaz” and the other, the short one named “Raghav” (well, I reluctantly add that the short one was just a little taller than me). Now, the Lambu had made the same mistake as me (I mean Computer Science) and Raghav, too, was not faring any better (Business). I was shocked out of my precarious situation on seeing them appear out of nowhere and what they asked next literally took out the air from my lungs – “Lets go bowling !!”. I said “What? Dude, I have not even properly finished 1 chapter of 1 module (out of the four I was supposed to be tested on in the midterm week). Strictly no, I am not coming.” Now, as I said this, I was half wishing they would protest and convince me to go along with them (as if I needed any convincing). As true friends are, so they did.

Thus, we happily hopped off to the bus stop having forgotten all worldly ties like the impending mid-terms behind. But, then something struck us. Which bus were we supposed to take and from which bus stop?? Quickly, the cell phones got busy at work asking every possible person in their respective contact list how to get to the West Coast Entertainment Centre. But the efforts soon paid off when after over half an hour of frantic calling, a kind similarly vellapandi-inclined soul finally told us the way. What was next – we happily waited for the next 20 minutes for the next correct bus and then left for our destination.

Well, as it turned out, the “kind soul” had told us the wrong way and there was nothing even remotely connected to bowling at the place we landed up. Then, we meticulously and articulately abused the “kind soul” for a full 5-minute stretch in a single breadth. Exhausted and overjoyed by our efforts, we again got to work asking every person we met nearby the way to the nearest bowling alley. You may think we were mad, but no – we were out on a mission and we were going to accomplish it whatever it takes. After all, if we fail today, we would be the next topic of discussion among our Indian brethren for the next few days.

Finally, we found it. Well, actually, not a bowling alley but a drink shop. I swiftly ordered a bottle (of orange juice) and drank it as slow as possible deliberately just to enjoy the expression on the exasperated faces of the other 2 musketeers. Let me tell you it is an amazing sight. Re-energized (actually only me, but last week only, in Physics lecture, we had read of some crap called the inductive effect), we set to work again. And, lo, behold !! We finally had done it. The gate of the recreation centre was smiling widely at us inviting us to slam it hard against the wall. But, what followed was an anti-climax, to some extent. The rates were 8 times more than we expected. This would mean that I won’t be able to buy the text book for my Information Systems Module. But, who cares?? Bowling is certainly better than a book on Computing and Society.

It was an amazing experience. I came second in the first set and secured third position in the second one. Dude, it was tough and the competition was stiff among the 3 participants in the tournament (the 3 unfortunate souls). We happily returned back to PGPR. Okay, okay, let me tell you the truth, The return journey was not happy as we, by mistake, glanced at the time. We had played 2 sets of bowling lasting 15 minutes each in an aggregate of five and a half hours (It is worthwhile to mention that the strike rate of Rahul Dravid is better than this. I mean he succeeds in making atleast 10-12 runs in a test match day). Oh and of course, after a heated debate which uncomfortably lasted the whole bus journey, the blame of this delay was put upon my fucking orange juice (IMAGINE !!).

But still, as I look back at that “LEGENDARY” night, there are some interesting take-aways which I feel compelled to mention-

  • Firstly, always say yes to your friends in everything they ask you when the exams are far (personal experience – they won’t ask you for a lot) and always say no to them in whatever they ask just before the exams. I realised that when my midterm grade was out.
  • Secondly, always remember to take take photos of whatever you do (in fact, even if you don’t do something, take photographs some how and post it on Facebook). We didn’t click any pictures on that day and I feel so stupid whenever I see some picture of a brat bowling.

Finally, since I don’t know about the genre of this story-like-incident, I decided to make it a moral-based story. The moral – “Where there is a will, there is a way”. We did succeed in our mission that night and the reason was because “agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho to saari kaayanaat tumhe us se milaane mein lag jaati hai”.


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